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RESIN Lining Machine

AMSON Engineering developed a special Automatic Machine design to enhance the high production requirements of Drum cap resin lining industry. This machine can deliver high output of Barrel caps after thin coating of resin lining to make it leak proof.
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Automatic Resin Liner Appliying Machine
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Automatic Resin Liner Appliying Machine

Approx. Price: Rs 6.2 Lakh / Piece
Product Details:
BrandAmson Engineering

Rotary Automatic Paste applying machine is manufactured to apply small quantity of pasty resin inside the metal caps used in Plastic Drum Filling Industries. The Machine is very useful, since the accuracy of each applied paste is similar and the quantity is accurate.


Automatic Paste applying machine is having a Main Frame Structure made from Mild steel angle structure, fabricated and welded to get strength. This structure is also duly powder coated to resist corrosion.
Over the frame there is a Main Top plate , which holds all the rotary parts below which are the drive parts mounted.
On the plate, there is a main bearing housing on which the Rotary Turret is assembled.
From both sides at opposite sides or at right angles, there is a product conveyor made with Flat belt is attached. The Turret is designed in such a way that, it can hold and move perfect sized caps with it during rotation.

Below the main top plate is the Indexing Unit coupled with a Gearbox, which in turn attached with a variable speed motor.

This machine is made easy to operate with an operating panel box, which carries all the electronic and electrical parts.
Each function can be easily selected and made very user friendly. There are mainly, switches like Mains, Selector, Emergency stop, and speed controls provided at the front side. Also, a counter for operation, Power indicators are provided for easiness in operation.
A product hopper made in Stainless steel with maximum capacity and a pressure chamber as per design is provided with the machine.
Fill nozzle is specially designed to get an accurate and clean fill each time.
All the material contact parts are strictly made in stainless steel only to avoid rust to build and reach in product.


This machine is made so much easier, because, there are 2 operator required to feed and remove the caps from the machine. If the filled caps are diverted to the heating chamber, then the required human labour reduced to 1.

When the resin is filled in product hopper provided, conveyor guides are adjusted to the cap size, and turret is selected and tightened, the machine is ready for production.
Caps of required sizes can be feed to the conveyor with hands. At a time at least 20 to 30 caps can be loaded to the conveyor when the machine starts.
The caps are hold and carried to the next station where the filling is done by the specially designed nozzle. The angle of fill nozzle is arranged in such a way that the corners of caps only be filled during operation.
Settings like fill quantity, time of fill, angle of fill all can be adjusted as per required.

The turret, is having minimum 8 pockets cut on it as per cap size. At the filling station, below the turret is mounted the lifting and rotating mechanism. This is only actuated when the turret stops for some short time to fill the caps.
When the turret with cap comes in filling station, the lifter lifts the cap and rotates exactly 360 degrees to ensure filling at all the corners.
When the filling is done, the lifter goes down and the caps places back over the turret.

Now, when the turret indexes, the filled caps are carried away and it is received by an output conveyor. This can be attached to a heating chamber, where the pasty resin dries and get a finished product. The above operation continues and a clean product is achieved.
A maximum output of 50-60 caps per minute can be achieved in this machine according to the fill time required. The speed can also be increased by reducing the fill time if possible.

A minimum output of 25,000 filled caps can be achieved in 8 hour shift.

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Granule Filling Machine
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Granule Filling Machine

Product Details:
Machine TypeAutomatic, Semi-Automatic

Powder filling machines come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, filling principles and degrees of technical sophistication in response to the ever-widening diversity of powder filling applications around. AMSON’s Powder filling machine is specially designed to get high accuracy outputs of powder in a limited time and thereby increase the production. For this achievement, we use digital timing mechanism assisted filling to get perfect accurate fills each time. We designed a model, where the wastage is theoretically nil and the accuracy is maximum. Hygienic and GMP standard parts assures safety for fast contaminating products.

Any free flowing material, or comparatively free flowing material like flour, spice powder chemical powder, toner powder, talcum, food ingredients, food colouring agents,agro products, masala and other pharma and chemical powders can be filled very accurately by using this machine model. Accuracy this filler is very much high up to +/- 0.5% accuracy in each filling. Speed of filling is also high, since we provide Auto option for intermittent filling.

The principle of the vertical auger powder filling machine is very simple. Augur Rotation creates forward movement of the material with its flights towards the filling nozzle. Each thread (Flight) has a particular volume powder holding capacity as per material density. When the screw rotates, powder is taken by the screw and according to the direction of movement; it discharges the powder to the nozzle to the container or pouches.


The basic filling head comprises five primary components:

1. S.S Hopper containing the powder to be dosed

2. Augur or screw rotating vertically through the hopper.

3. Funnel or tube outlet to hopper through which the lower parallel part of the auger doses.

4. Auger (Screw) drive.

5. Agitation blade (Stirrer) to assist powder feed properly into the flights of the augur

Technical Specifications Afae1000:

Machine size: 1050 L X 700W X 2100mm height.

Drive Motor: 1 HP 230VAC-415VAC 50Hz, 1440 rpm. with VFD(Variable Frequency Drive)

Power : 230VAC 50Hz Single Phase

Stirrer motor: 1 Hp 32rpm 230VAC Worm Geared

Electromagnetic Clutch- Brake: HSCBC 125, 24 VAC Cryotron Make

All material contact parts in S.S. 304

Stainless steel 304 Augur (Screw) type filling.

Hopper size 50 Litres (S.S 304), 18 Gauge, mirror finish for AFAE1000

Fill capacity: 100-1000 gms at a time as per set time,


Additional Information:
  • Item Code: AFAE011000
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